Home Finance Options

Types of Home Loan Option Home Loan option of Pre-Approval Applying for home loan option of pre-approval can give you a good idea of how much you could afford [...]

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Home Loan Health Check

What is a Home Loan Health Check? A home loan health check is similar to a doctor’s checkup, but for your home loan. The check looks at many things, [...]

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Home Loan Equity Release

Unlock the value of your home loan equity If you’re a homeowner in Australia looking for a way to access cash, a home equity may be the solution you [...]

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First Home Buyer Loans

Looking for the Best First Home Loan Best first home loan for first home buyers can be beneficial to potential home owners and often come with added perks that [...]

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Home Loan Refinance

What is Home Loan Refinance? A home loan refinance is essentially when you swap your current mortgage for a new one that can deliver a number of benefits. Right [...]

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home loan


What is the Minimum Deposit for First Home Buyers Need? To receive a house loan or mortgage, first-time buyers  will almost always need to put down a deposit. There [...]

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How much do you really need for a house deposit?

How Much Do You Really Need for a Home Loan Deposit? The minimum home loan deposit generally required by lenders is 5% – meaning the other 95% of your property’s [...]

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Sellers / Buyers: Know How to deal with Delayed property settlement?

What Causes Delayed Property Settlement? Just because the seller has signed the contract, it doesn’t mean the property now belongs to you. The complete purchase will only happen on [...]

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Home Loan Interest Rate

Big Four Bank 3 Year Fixed Interest Rates

Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe has warned borrowers to prepare for interest rates to rise for home loans in Sydney, but not before 2023 at the earliest. [...]

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